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David gives talks to businesses, schools, and organizations about how thinking like a musician can help solve problems and enhance teamwork, leadership, and product quality. Below are talks that he's currently offering. Use the contact page to ask about booking.

David with Boomwhackers.jpg

Harmonize Together


In a culture that glorifies solos, how do we find joy in creating harmony with our peers? How do we all benefit from a common purpose? This talk is about fostering community.


Harmonize Together is both funny and moving. It pairs music and sounds with sleek visuals. It teaches participants to appreciate each other. In the finale of the talk, the audience uses boomwhackers (pitched tubes) to spontaneously co-compose and perform music that reflects the experiences of the community.


Compose your Story


Social media is flooded by countless influencers and companies. How will you stand out in the crowd? Compose your Story is about how we can learn from musicians to make online content go viral. Much of it is based on my own experience in creating organic viral content that reached tens of millions of people for my online business, PianoCub.


The talk is a blend of technical how-to information as well as story-telling and innovation techniques that composers use in their craft. It’s perfect for marketeers, solopreneurs, and anyone who wants to get their message out to as many people as possible.


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